Troy Tube specializes in both small and large diameter (6″) custom tube bending. We employ various methods of bending including cnc mandrel bending,manual bending fixtures, and dedicated bending equipment to provide quality tubular products to our customers. We are committed to exploring and implementing the latest technologies to improve the cost and quality of our services.


Our equipment includes 15 CNC/NC benders sizes, and we have an extensive selection of bend tooling available, limiting the need for tooling investments. If not, we have capabilities of producing bend tooling in house, as well as, dedicated sources for specialty tools.

  • CNC Bending up to 6″ Diameter
  • Large inventory of standard tooling
  • Various Material Types including : Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Copper/Brass, Titanium
  • 1D Bending available in many sizes
  • Experienced in short tangent and compound bending

cnc tube bending
cnc tube bending

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